2017 H2H (ALO v VAN)

Drivers: Alonso v Vandoorne
Team: McLaren
Races: 19
H2H Winner: Alonso (5/1/0)
Alonso Vandoorne Winner
Points 17 13 Alonso
Race Result 5 2 Alonso
Qualifying 16 3 Alonso
Fastest Lap 7 8 Vandoorne
Laps in Top 10 425 250 Alonso
Best Result 6th 7th (x2) Alonso

H2H Explanatory Notes


Another difficult year for the British marque, its rookie driver and the two time World Champion. McLaren was one of five teams who ran more than two drivers during the season when Jenson Button replaced the Indy 500-bound Fernando Alonso. In terms of head to head analysis JB’s one-off cameo at Monaco was impressive in that he managed to out-qualify Vandoorne. Unfortunately neither driver managed to finish the race.

Between their main drivers Fernando’s 5:1 H2H win over Stoffel was not unexpected from arguably one of the best drivers on the grid. The rookie Belgian certainly seemed to find more performance toward the end of the season and is no doubt a huge talent. What won’t be pretty reading for Vandoorne is Alonso’s dominant performance in qualifying.

With a season under his belt it will be very interesting to see how Vandoorne performs against Alonso in 2018. Indeed it will be very interesting to see how McLaren performs against the rest of the field with a new Renault power train paired with what appears to be one of the best chassis on the grid.

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