2017 H2H (HUL v SAI)

Drivers: Hülkenberg v Sainz
Team: Renault
Races: 4
H2H Winner: Hülkenberg (5/1/0)
Hülkenberg Sainz Winner
Points 9 6 Hülkenberg
Race Result 1 0 Hülkenberg
Qualifying 3 1 Hülkenberg
Fastest Lap 1 3 Sainz
Laps in Top 10 138 85 Hülkenberg
Best Result 6th 7th Hülkenberg

H2H Explanatory Notes


When Carlos Sainz moved to Renault the head to head with Hulkenberg was a mouth watering one. Four races is a small sample size but the prospect of a close battle in 2018 looms large. 3:1 qualifying to The Hulk and 3:1 fastest lap to Chili is perhaps a teaser of how hard these two will push each other in 2018. If Renault can put a solid package together for 2018 it will be fascinating to see who comes out on top in this quality lineup.