2017 H2H (MAS v STR)

Drivers: Massa v Stroll
Team: Williams
Races: 19
H2H Winner: Massa (4/2/0)
Massa Stroll Winner
Points 43 40 Massa
Race Result 9 4 Massa
Qualifying 17 2 Massa
Fastest Lap 8 9 Stroll
Laps in Top 10 658 360 Massa
Best Result 6th (x2) 3rd Stroll

H2H Explanatory Notes


2017 was an interesting year for driver head to heads at Williams. The oldest and most experienced driver on the grid against the youngest rookie plus a brief one race cameo by a reserve driver who doubles as a Sky commentator!

Firstly to Paul di Resta. Head to head he was out-qualified by Lance Stroll and didn’t finish the race in Hungary but he still out-qualified a Sauber and was only 7 tenths behind his teammate. Not bad given given how little preparation he had. Following an illness to Felipe Massa di Resta was thrust into the action at the last minute having never previously driven the car and performed admirably. It was an impressive weekend by the Scot.

After a bit of a shaky start to the season for the Canadian the radar shows Stroll performed reasonably well against his far more experienced teammate. Stroll’s third place in Azerbaijan was significantly better than Felipe’s pair of sixth places and helped him come within 3 points of the Brazilian in the Championship.

The biggest performance difference was in qualifying with Felipe dominating Lance 17 to 2. It remains unclear who Stroll’s teammate for 2019 will be. What is clear is that he is going to need to significantly improve his one lap pace to get the better of a potentially more experienced teammate – perhaps one who was previously rated as a future World Champion.