2017 H2H (OCO v PER)

Drivers: Ocon v Pérez
Team: Force India
Races: 20
H2H Winner: Pérez (0/6/0)
Ocon Pérez Winner
Points 87 100 Pérez
Race Result 7 11 Pérez
Qualifying 7 13 Pérez
Fastest Lap 3 16 Pérez
Laps in Top 10 871 1028 Pérez
Best Result 5th (x2) 4th Pérez

H2H Explanatory Notes


A relative minnow in the team budget stakes Force India punched way above their weight in 2017 to finish fourth in the Championship. Both Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon were consistently in the points and our analysis at the halfway stage of the season showed both drivers were fantastic value for money.

What is surprising is that in head to head Checo Perez wiped the floor 6-0 against his rookie team mate – the only driver on the grid to manage a clean sweep! The result is surprising because at so many times during the season the two pink cars were racing (and crashing!) wheel to wheel and could hardly be separated. The closeness of the drivers even forced (pardon the pun) the team to stop the two racing each other.

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In isolation the result looks like a dominant win to the Mexican but the radar clearly shows the young Frenchman was extremely close in many of the factors. Perez certainly had the advantage in one lap speed and was dominant in both qualifying and fastest laps. In the other factors Ocon was very close to his far more experienced team mate. His rookie year was indeed so impressive that many are talking about the likeable Frenchman as a potential future World Champion.

What is clear from both the team and driver results is that Force India has an excellent foundation to continue its strong showing in 2018.