2017 H2H (RIC v VER)

Drivers: Ricciardo v Verstappen
Team: Red Bull
Races: 20
H2H Winner: Verstappen (2/4/0)
Ricciardo Verstappen Winner
Points 200 168 Ricciardo
Race Result 2 5 Verstappen
Qualifying 7 13 Verstappen
Fastest Lap 7 9 Verstappen
Laps in Top 10 833 773 Ricciardo
Best Result 1st 1st (x2) Verstappen

H2H Explanatory Notes


This one was possibly the most exciting 2017 H2H battle (on paper at least). Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen appear to get on relatively well together off track but on track and head to head it’s obviously each man for himself.

Ultimately Max beat Daniel 4:2 in our factors though it was perhaps closer than the raw result shows. What didn’t help either driver in 2017 was consistency. Verstappen failed to finish in seven races and Ricciardo six. The Australian’s 32 point advantage in the Championship is significant but so too is Verstappen’s 13:7 qualifying win. Swings and roundabouts from two hungry would-be title contenders.

The 2017 head to head win undoubtedly goes to the Dutch driver. What is perhaps more interesting is how the two will compare in 2018 with the H2H winner potentially in a position to name his seat in the strongest team for 2019. Let’s hope Renault can bring a strong package next year and that these two potential World Champions challenge their Mercedes and Ferrari counterparts for the top podium steps.

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