F1 Bytes delivers data-driven insights to fans of Formula 1.

There are countless stories lying hidden in the data surrounding F1 and we love to uncover them. In doing so, we hope to help fans improve their understanding and enjoyment of the greatest sport on Earth.

Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches we are two brothers who are massive fans of F1. We’ve been following the sport since the 80’s and frankly, we can’t get enough of it! But over the years we’ve often had niggling questions we’d love to have had answered by commentators and analysts that never really seemed to get addressed. Sometimes a small statistical tidbit would be dangled in front of our noses that we believed actually asked more questions than it answered! Well, we wanted answers and decided to do something about it. We created F1 Bytes to bring you, the fans, the detailed data-driven context and insights that really squeeze the juices out of F1.

We make heavy use of the Ergast database for our historical statistics and thank our good friends at Ergast for creating such a wonderful resource. We’ll also use anything else we can get our hands on that will help us shed light on F1.

Our very first post was a big one: The Best Seasons of All Time. We think this was a great place to start and helps to provide some historical context for some of the issues facing F1 today. We also have an exciting list of topics for upcoming posts that will provide a mix of both historical analysis and up to the minute race by race deconstruction including our team mate Head to Head. We’d love to hear your views and ideas too. We hope that our analysis will stir up some lively debate and encourage you to put in your two cents worth in the comments section.

Have you got a theory or question about Formula 1 that you think might require a statistical analysis to really get to the heart of it? Perhaps F1 Bytes can help you find the answer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have or research ideas you’d like us to investigate.

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